About Me

10 Things You Should Know About Me:

  1. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, who I believe is all man and all God at the same time.
  2. I’m not smart enough to explain how #1 is possible. But this guy is…
  3. I’m not sad in this picture – I’m just keeping it krunk…
  4. The tree on my t-shirt is sad, but it’s not affecting my mood…
  5. I’m wearing a Callaway golf hat in this picture, but I don’t play golf…
  6. I like using ellipses in all my writings… I know it’s bad grammar, but I don’t care.
  7. There are things I hate about myself, by I don’t hate myself (or anyone else for that matter…).
  8. I like to write what I think are funny blog posts, as well as serious ones. I like the funny ones better…especially the seriously funny ones. You can find those here.
  9. I wish I was as funny as these guys.
  10. I’m the only overweight white guy in Texas that likes hip hop music over country music. I’m all Cliqued up!

8 responses to “About Me

  1. Hey, I just happened along here…

    As you can see….I also love ellipses….I use them all the time! And I love Blue Like Jazz. Nice blog :)

    • Thanks for happening by! Aren’t ellipses awesome? No other punctuation holds so much power as the pause induced by a well-placed ellipsis… Plus, I feel really smart when I say ellipsis as the singular form of ellipses. I’m not sure if it’s right, but I feel smart… :)

  2. Lol, you’re funny. I like your blog and I like that you’re a christian. I am too:) Check out my blog if you will. By the way, how old are you? I’m only 14, so I don’t know if all the things I write on my blog about God/Jesus are right or not so if You could read some posts, comment or whatever, that’d be great!

    • Thanks for commenting! I will definitely check out your blog!

      I’ve been blessed to live almost 30 whole years…and I’ve been a Christ-follower for about 12 years. I still don’t think I’m an expert at any of this – I just write what feels right, and I’m sure I get some things wrong.

      I encourage you to keep writing – more people will read your blog than you might think! I only had 1 or 2 readers a week when I started…now I have 10-15 a day, and I am hoping for a lot more in the next year!

      Thanks again!

  3. I thank GOD and I thank you for being in love with GOD please keep obeying thanks Al Simmons

  4. Melody

    You may not think much of your writing, but this passage about Amalek has helped me. Your research is pretty accurate and biblical. I got a revelation moment while I followed the passage through Saul’s and David’s battles with these people. Purim begins this week and the Jewish Torah readings target this part of scripture. I believe the Amalekites are enemies we have failed to completely cut off, believing them to be harmless. They symbolize that one thing we think we can hold on to and keep control of. As long as the enemy is disabled, he cannot hurt me. I can make him serve me.

  5. karl296

    Thanks for the bit about David’s tabernacle. I found it very informative.

  6. Raynell

    Hey I just happened upon your blog while searching for information on the Medianite people, and love it. Please continue sharing your post & teachings. Also, I delight in the humor as the Lord also had a wonderful sense of humor.

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