We’re Not Young

Browsing the inter-webs this morning, I came across a (relatively) new video released by Yahoo!’s SketchY Comedy Series, titled We’re Not Young. The video is actually a music video for a parody of the song We Are Young by a group called Fun. When I watched it for the first time, I chuckled a little. It’s not what I would call “fall out of your seat and roll on the floor while you wet yourself” funny, but it was…amusing.  After watching it, though, I felt like I should watch it again. There was something strange about the words that was drawing me in.  If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and watch it below. Be warned…it’s PG-13 material.

Click Here to open in the video in a separate window

You may have to watch it a couple of times to get all the words (I did…), but it’s pretty easy to get the theme of the song. It’s a depressing anthem for those in their 30s who don’t feel like they’ve reached the goals they thought they would by the time they got here. Of course, the song is intended to be tongue-in-cheek, but if you really look at the lyrics, you can’t help but see a little truth:

  • My friends are all parents now
  • You know that college was 10 years ago, I know you’re trying to forget
  • Depression and anxiety has come on strong since thirty-three
  • Tonight, we’re not young. We’re all somewhere in our 30s, done nothing worthy, this ain’t fun.
  • I know that I’m fat, shut up about that. I guess I’ll do elliptical…
  • Gonna get our s*** together, be less distracted, Words with Friends
  • It’s time to get my prostate checked, I’m a nervous wreck, that’s not all…
  • I’ve got a drinking problem, I got a DUI
  • I’m really gonna start that book
  • Tonight, we are scared, so let’s just…uhh…uhh…OMG!

The biggest truth of all is that the song describes a lot of the people in my generation. The last line really sums it all up – we’re scared. Time keeps moving, we had to grow up. We keep telling ourselves that we’re going to get our stuff together. But we don’t. We keep telling ourselves that we’re going to start getting ahead financially. But we don’t. We keep telling ourselves that we’re going to jump on that elliptical and lose weight.  But we don’t.  And that can be really depressing! Especially if you live by the motto “you only live once!”  Sure, it sounds great when you try to justify doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Why not do it, if you only live once?  But what about the rest of the time? What about our daily routines? How are they affected by this You Only Live Once perspective?  It depresses us, that’s what it does!

In the end, I believe that the You Only Live Once perspective is a trick that Satan is using to ruin the lives of a lot of people. Even though the characters in the song were fictional, we all know people who fit the description of these people pretty well. Heck, I counted 10 or 12 things that described me pretty well (I did start a blog, after all…). And when we think of this life as all there is, we start thinking that we have to be successful in whatever little time we have left. And when we aren’t successful (or at least, what we think is successful), it depresses us.

Fortunately, this life isn’t all there is. Humanity was created to live forever. If you listen to this song and start realizing that you share a lot of the sentiments of the fictional characters – depression, fear, anxiety, because life isn’t going the way you thought it would by the time you hit your 30s – let me encourage you to check out a series of posts I wrote a long while back that talk about the eternal nature of humanity. The series is titled Heaven (click the link to start at the beginning). I think that, as you read through it, you’ll start seeing what the Bible means when it says that Christians are full of hope – a hope of a brighter future and a better life than the one we have now.



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3 responses to “We’re Not Young

  1. Thanks for writing! Any chance you can embed the yahoo version at this link: http://screen.yahoo.com/we-re-not-young-28966610.html

    Thanks man :)

  2. I really relate to what you’re saying. I have dysthemia (chronic low-level depression), and it can really affect my thought patterns. I have to watch out for that on a daily basis.

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