I’m Back…And I’m Spilling the Beans!

So last week I posted that my family and I were going to be spending a few days away, on what you might call a “vacation” of sorts, and would be going to the ever-popular Sea World theme park in San Antonio, Texas.  We got back yesterday, and I’ll tell you, we had a wonderful time.  Of course, I did learn a few lessons:

  1. 100 degrees Fahrenheit is hot.  Very, very hot.
  2. Even shade is hot in 100 degree weather.
  3. 5 month old babies don’t like 100 degree weather.
  4. I should be given a medal for putting up with that kind of temperature and a screaming baby at the same time.
  5. My wife should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for putting up with that kind of temperature and a moaning husband at the same time.
  6. My wife should be given another Nobel prize for putting up with my smell (I forgot to put on deodorant…).
  7. I love doing things like this with my family.

Even in the adversity of sunscreen-infused sweat pouring into my eyes, causing them to burn like I just poured some concentrated acid in them, I can look back and say that we had a great time. We had fun – my 5 year old rode a kiddie-coaster 3 times, I got to see people dive from 30-something feet in the air, and Shamu did her thing without hurting any of the trainers. Good times…  Good times…

On to other things, I said last week that I had a great secret that I would be sharing very soon with everyone.  Well, here I go…

First, I should point out that this affects no one but my family and me.  I don’t really even know why I said I was going to tell everyone – you probably won’t care in the least bit.  But since I said I would tell, I will.

My wife and I are prayerfully considering the fact that God may be calling us into vocational ministry, specifically missions.  We have talked about it for a while, and although Amy has known for years that this is where we were most likely headed (and apparently she’s been telling me this…), I am just now figuring it out.  We don’t presume to know whether we will serve in another country or just around the block from our house, but either way, I believe we are starting to see the beginnings of God preparing us to serve Him in this new way.

To prepare, we are going to soon be starting ministry-related degrees via distance learning, and hopefully I’ll be able to start talking more about what I’m learning here on the blog.

If you come across this post, even if you don’t know us, if you get an opportunity to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate it. We are very excited about this “new chapter” in our life, and although we expect it to be a slow transition, we can hardly wait to see what God will have us doing in the future.



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