Dude, Where’s My Blog?

Remember that movie Dude, Where’s My Car?, featuring the unarguably talented acting of Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott? When that movie came out, everyone knew it was going to be great, simply because of it’s description:

Two potheads wake up from a night of partying and can’t remember where they parked their car. (IMDB)

Yep, watching a movie about two guys who can’t remember where they parked their car is what most Americans were waiting for back then.  In all honesty, though, that movie had some funny parts.  Like this scene, when they try to order some Chinese food from a drive thru (forgive the PG-13 language):

Well, here is my lame attempt to explain where my blog has been lately, using this scene as an allegorical guideline.

First, last Wednesday, my pregnant wife, Amy, had a scheduled appointment with her OBGYN.  Right before she went, she noticed some complications, so during her appointment she mentioned them to her doctor.


Her doctor immediately admitted her to the hospital for observation.  We stayed in the hospital that night, and they observed her.  When they did an ultrasound to check things out, they found out that the baby was breech in the uterus, but other than that, they didn’t find anything else to worry about.


The next day, they released her and we went home.


At home that day, Amy noticed the complications beginning again, only much, much worse. So she called her doctor and was told to get back to the hospital immediately. I had left to go pick up our other daughter, Rebecca, who was staying with her Nana about 3 hours away.  Amy called me and said that they were probably going to do an emergency C-section, and to get back ASAP.  I turned around (I was about 40 miles away at that point), and I headed to the hospital at warp speed (seriously, I reached speeds of 85-90 mph, and was still getting passed…).


I got there just in time for the C-section.  At 3:10 that afternoon, our daughter Abigail made her way into this world.


We all sighed a sigh of relief.


Unfortunately, the pediatrician on staff decided that Abby was not breathing well, and she admitted her to the neonatal ICU. Her breathing was very labored and her oxygen levels were low, so they put her on oxygen and observed her that night.  The next day they intubated her (put her on a ventilator), and her breathing improved markedly.


We cried every time we saw her.


She has gradually gotten better, and her breathing has improved.  They took her back off the ventilator this weekend, and we even got to hold her and feed her a bottle yesterday.  Another 5 days or so, and Abby should be able to come home.  Her big sister wants to see her really bad (children aren’t allowed in NICU), and her mommy and daddy miss her badly.


That’s it…


Really, I’m done.


No and then!  I refuse to play your Chinese food mind games!

So anyway, I’m back and ready to get back into routine.  Once Abby is home and things settle down, I’ll start writing regularly again. Until then, enjoy these pictures of the latest addition to our familia…

Hair nets should be standard attire for all men at all times.

Good thing she didn't pull...or I might have farted.

My Abby girl representing the I-C-U

See those pig-tails? I did those for her... Yeah, I'm awesome like that...

I look like I'm holding her in some kind of wrestling move...

If they don't feed her soon, she will eat her other hand, too...



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4 responses to “Dude, Where’s My Blog?

  1. AND THEN…

    You made me cry!

    Congratulations on your new little addition! Abby looks like a little angel! Prayers for you all!

    PS – Good job on the pigtails.

    • I’ve been practicing the whole pig-tail thing on my bar…I mean…my daughter’s barbies… I was SO ready for the challenge…

      Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! We went up and saw her in the ICU last night, and they have even removed her ICU bed (just a regular nursery bed from now on…). Once she is off the oxygen and she eats from a bottle regularly, they’ll let us bring her home. Our prayer is that this happens this week! We feel incomplete without her!

  2. Grandpa

    What a darling little package of joy you, Amy and Becca have. I love kids so very much, I wish grandma and me would have had at least two more.
    We Love Ya’ll,

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