Good News and Bad News…

Well, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?  The bad news?  Okay, here goes…

I will no longer be writing posts that fall into the category of random and/or funny on this blog.  (Pause for sighing…)   Over time, I have come to realize that a blog named “What He Is Teaching Me” just doesn’t really fit, when over half my posts are not related to anything God is teaching me at the time.  Those posts are more related to things that make me laugh at the time.  And I feel a little bad about that.  So I’m going to keep writing about my Bible studies and other things that God is using to teach me His will and His ways, and I’ll still be the same old weird, goofy guy who throws in wacky comments every now and then, but very few of the posts here will be off-topic.

That said, I did say that I had good news…

I’ve started a new blog!  It’s called Trayn In Motion (and can be found at What I’ve done is I’ve exported all my Random/Funny Thoughts posts and moved them over there.  From now on, I will be writing posts that are random, funny, amusing, odd, wacky, goofy, slightly-humorous, or just plain dumb over on that blog. The posts I’ve already written here will stay here, but all future posts will be there.  SOOOO, if you’re into that kind of thing, be sure to link up to that blog as well (or subscribe if you’d rather).

“Why are you doing this?” you ask?  Well, I just like to make things difficult for people.  Not really…  The truth is I enjoy writing both kinds of posts – those that are serious, and those that are seriously funny.  I found that I was writing just as many of the random/funny ones as the serious ones, and I didn’t feel like that was the reason I started this blog. I started it as a kind of publicized journal for my thoughts related to my Bible studies, sermons I heard, or books I read.  I never actually intended to write funny stuff. I decided yesterday that I could keep to my original plan, yet still write the funny posts, if I only had 2 blogs to work with instead of one.  So, I birthed the new blog (there’s an image for you…), spent 20 minutes spoofing it up a bit, and PRESTO! – all’s well that ends well.

My ultimate goal is to have a blog called, and to be able to go back and do both kinds of posts together again – whatever comes to mind goes on the blog…  But until that happens, I’m going to keep things segregated and do it this way.  I hope this doesn’t alienate anyone and that you’ll stay with me (all 12 of you…you know who you are…)

See you on the other side!  (Of WordPress, that is…)



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3 responses to “Good News and Bad News…

  1. I’m on board!!! I most definitely appreciate and look forward to both your Bible study/book thoughts AND your hilarious hilarity. YAY!

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