Truth: Who Is Jesus?

When I used to teach middle school, I also coached tennis for a couple of years. My last year of teaching/coaching, there was a girl on my tennis team who I got to talk about Christianity with. She was not a believer, nor was any of her family. They were an intelligent family, and they obviously talked about religious things, because this girl had a good base in understanding religious ideas about many different religions. She understood a little about Christianity, but she also knew other people in other religions that she loved dearly, as well as some family members who were living very non-Christian lifestyles, and she couldn’t see how she could become a Christian and believe that she would go to heaven, when all these other people would go to hell. That was “cruel” in her mind. She wanted a firm answer as to how I knew that Jesus was the only way to God.

On the other side of things, here on my blog I have had people comment by saying things that were contrary to what I had written about, and tried to portray Jesus as somebody different that I was trying to portray Him as. Specifically, when I was doing my Bible study over Heaven, I wrote about the existence of hell, and I received a comment by a gentleman who had written a book about how there was no such thing as hell, and that the passages in the Bible that taught that hell was a real place were either misinterpreted or were added later by the church to scare people into believing (and supposedly, therefore, into giving the church money). This guy had taken a central teaching of the Bible and discarded it in order to make Jesus into who he wanted Him to be. We both believed in Jesus, but not the same Jesus.

This week’s study in The Ever Loving Truth is titled The Search for the Real Jesus. I’m going to do something a little different this week than I usually do with my Bible study posts. I’m going to ask you, the reader, to respond to a few questions. Feel free to answer any or all of these, and answer them in any way you choose. I commit to respond to every single comment, and on Friday, I am going to come back and discuss my own answers to these questions, and continue the discussion of who Jesus really is.

  1. Who is Jesus to you, personally?
  2. Who is the Jesus in the Bible? Include any Bible passages you may use to give this answer.
  3. How long has Jesus been around? How do you know?
  4. What role has Jesus played throughout history?
  5. How can we know who Jesus really is?

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