Photoshop Fun: Statistics and Roller Coasters…

So, I have decided that Photoshop Fail Fridays has to go. It’s not that it wasn’t fun or interesting…I was just having trouble coming up with stuff to meld together into a fun or interesting photoshopped photo. The last straw was when I had to use my dog as subject matter for a post. That was low.  He hasn’t forgiven me, I’ll tell you that!  Anyway, from now on, I will continue to play around with photoshopping images for fun, but I’ve decided that they don’t all have to be about taking two pictures and photoshopping them into one just for a laugh.

You may need to click on the image to read the writing…

Today’s Photoshop Fun (notice the new name?) photo is a screen shot from my WordPress dashboard (blog site admin page, for those who don’t know). It’s of my blog stats for the last couple of weeks, showing the number of views I received each day. A couple of weeks ago, I sold out by posting a link to my own blog on another blog called Stuff Christians Like. I knew when I did it that lots of people would come (it was talking about defecation, after all). So, I did it, not to share a great post with those people, so much, as I did to get people to come to my blog. And come they did!  145 people in one day!  It was an emotional high for me, having so many people come and see my blog.

That’s where I made my mistake. I placed my blogging happiness on whether I had as many views as I did that fateful day when I had 145. Each day, I became more and more upset (except for the 4th day and the 9th day, when I thought I was making a comeback). It was a roller coaster for me, that’s for sure.

Now things are settled down, I guess. The roller coaster car has pulled back into the station and I can take my emotions out, let them go to the bathroom to throw up, and buy them a frozen lemonade or a powdered sugar covered funnel cake.


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