Let’s Just Call It What It Is…

So the air conditioner went out in our apartment this past week, and it’s only averaging about 107 degrees on the high end every day. The A/C repair guy came and looked at it, said that the fix wasn’t covered under the “warranty,” but that he would get it working for now, and the thermostat would have to be replaced sooner or later. Apparently, he really meant sooner.  The very next day, it went out again. Only this time it was on a Friday night. So in order for them to come back out, it was going to cost our landlord $125/hr. Now, I wish she would have just paid it, but we could tell she wasn’t extremely happy about doing so, so we said we would just go spend the weekend at family’s house, 150 miles away. So we did. Then, last night we came back, since I had to be at work this morning. The apartment was still a sultry 88 degrees on the inside, so we stayed at a hotel.

While we were there, I went into the restroom to…well…we’ll say I was “brushing my teeth.”  Whenever I “brush my teeth,” I like a little reading material. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t provide any, and I hadn’t brought any with me. So, I decided to read the back of the hotel-provided shampoo packet.  It wasn’t a long read, but it kept me entertained. After looking at it, though, I had to take a picture and share it with you (don’t worry…I finished “brushing my teeth” first).

At first glance, this may seem like pretty simple packaging, with nothing more than some simple ingredients and a “Made In…” insignia. But after closer review, I believe there is quite a bit of bull-hockey on this packet. Let me explain:

  • First off, the very first ingredient is “aqua.”  I’m not 100% sure, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that just water? Since when did we start calling it aqua? I was at a restaurant the other night, and I ordered water to drink with my meal. I didn’t tell the server “yes, I’d like some aqua with my meal, please.”  But then again, it wasn’t a fancy restaurant. Maybe in the really fancy restaurants they do say that. Who am I to say?  But as for shampoo packets, I think we should just call it what it is. Then again, some people may realize that shampoo is usually used in the shower, where water is already a given, and then wonder exactly how much water they need in their shampoo. Who knows…
  • Second, I see some clever little chemical nomenclature going on inside that ingredient list. Sodium Chloride?  I got a C in the only chemistry class I took in college, but even I know that sodium chloride is table salt. So basically, they tried another one of those naming tricks where they call it something that sounds better than “table salt.” I say, call it what it is.  If I check out what dodecyl dimethyl betaine is, I better not find out it’s air bubbles…
  • Finally, the little Made In P.R.C. is outright funny. Maybe this would trick the average person, but I still know that P.R.C stands for the People’s Republic of China.  So, basically, it’s made in China. Now, this wouldn’t bother me – 98.342% of everything is made in China. But maybe it bothers other people, I really don’t know. Either way, I think they’re trying to pull one over on us by calling it P.R.C. instead of just China. But they have the right to call it whatever they want – it is their country. We call ourselves America, U.S., U.S.A., the Winners of the Revolution, and Best In Show, so they can call themselves P.R.C. if they want to.

Have you ever seen something that didn’t just call it like it is?  Please share!  And don’t say “this post doesn’t call it like it is, since you say you were ‘brushing your teeth,’ when we really know you were…”


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