Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife…

Editor’s Note: Rape is not, nor will it ever be, funny. But sometimes people’s reactions on the news is funny. This is more directed toward that latter, and not the former.

The news now days is so depressing. Countries half way around the world are at war, with little kids dying in the streets, and crime in our own cities make it where it’s scary to go out at night. In fact, I rarely watch the news because I just don’t like getting depressed. But a friend sent me a funny video this week of a depressing event that was covered on the local news in Huntsville (Alabama, I guess…). A young woman was sleeping in her bed with her young daughter, when she woke up to find an intruder in her bed. The intruder attempted to rape her, but her brother, Antoine Dodson, came to the rescue, fighting her attacker off. The attempted rapist then ran, and sadly got away. But will he get away with it?  Here’s the video of the news story (be sure to watch this one first):

I will pay good money to watch the news if they would get Antoine Dodson to help commentate. “Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband, cuz they rapin’ everybody out here.”  Yes, that made a depressing news story very, very hilarious.

And then comes along a group who “Auto-Tune the News,” putting great news stories to music and making them into a song (watch the video above first – it makes this one even funnier):

I can’t decide which is better… The regular story, which is real, but also really funny. Or the version put to music, which is both funky-licious and also very, very funny.

Which do you vote for?


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One response to “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife…

  1. LOL! I hadn’t seen the music video before. I am definitely voting for the Antione music video. This guy is going to end up as an American Idol judge, isn’t he?

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