Photoshop Fail Fridays – #6

When it comes to cute dogs, I don’t think there is any dog cuter than my little Jack. He’s a blend of some kinds of Spitz breeds – I think he looks like an American Eskimo Dog (aka, Eskie), but our vet disagrees. Anyway, he just recently got a haircut, and I think he looks like the cutest little wuppsy, duppsy, puppsy I ever, wever saw.  Oh…   sorry…

So anyhow, the picture above is a non-altered version, and you see clearly that he only has one eye. He was like that when we got him, and I have my suspicions he’s been like that since birth. For instance, someone named him “Jack”  – get it?  One eyed Jack?  Yeah…that wasn’t our idea. I got to looking at this picture, and I couldn’t help but want to fix it up a bit. So below are 3 photoshop-altered versions of this same photo. If you would, vote for your favorite version of Jack in the comments. And if you don’t mind, please don’t tell him I did this…he would be SOOO embarrassed.



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2 responses to “Photoshop Fail Fridays – #6

  1. Mountain View Ark.

    Gma and me know Jack personaly, and we both agree that # 1 fits mr. Jack to a T. We would like to have a dog just like Jack.

  2. ee

    sooooooooooooooooo cute

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