5 Ways the Internet Has Changed My Life

If you ask most people how the Internet changed their lives, they would tell you something to do with the instant access to nearly unlimited amounts of information. If you asked me…well…I’d have a little different answer for you.

  1. Lightning fast typing skills. When I was a teenager, I would visit my grandparents, who lived a couple of states away, during the summer. One visit in the mid 90s they had just purchased this newfangled contraption called a PC and gotten it hooked up to this newfangled contraption called the Internet. Back then you had to “dial up” to connect, and then the connection was really slow compared to today’s blazing fast speeds. Anyway, one of the first places I became addicted to (yes, first…there were more to come) was a chat room site called Talk City (interestingly, it still exists even though I haven’t heard about it in years). I would chat for hours at a time with good looking girls from all over the world – I know they were good looking because they told me so (I still remember you AngelSoHot4U…). All this chatting required a lot of typing, and the shortened versions of most English words that we have for today’s youth weren’t invented yet, so I just had to type full words and full sentences as fast as I could. Before long I was a typing ninja! Now I know what you’re thinking…in order to be a ninja you have to be an expert in stealth, silence, quietness, tip-toeing, and wear all black tights, right? Well, allow me to introduce finger-ninja-clothing:
  2. Wikipedia. Ahhh…the word that strikes fear into the hearts of every teacher and professor in America. Many-a-student have gone to this beautiful collection of user-created information on every topic imaginable to mankind. From agriculture to zumba, from Parkay margarine to Chef Boyardee (both of which I just learned are made and sold by a company called ConAgra foods…thanks Wikipedia!). When I used to be a teacher, I loved it when students used Wikipedia as a source for infallible information! It’s quick, easy, and hurts less than doing any real research. And when my students hurt less, I hurt less. And when I became a student again (went back to school), I used Wikipedia like it could do no wrong. Did my instructors like it? No. Did I still use it? Yes. Did my grades suffer? Maybe…
  3. Facebook. At first I hated Facebook. But that was before I got on it. After I signed up, I loved Facebook. I could see what all my friends were up to (a.k.a., stalking). Every month or so I might post something irrelevant to my real life, and every once in a while someone would comment. But then came those blasted apps. You know the ones – Farmville, Mafia Wars, and so on. They infiltrated my screen, and I could no longer even find the posts my friends had made. I hated Facebook again. Then a friend told me that I could hide the apps, so I did, and once again Facebook and I fell in love. Now I have friends who find it necessary to post every hour about how they can’t sleep. Or how their child just said “ga,” which they are pretty sure is translated “vestigial indigenous species,” making them the smartest child ever. Or just random stuff like “Hi!” and “What’s Up?” and “I’m Bored…” News Flash: Your status updates are not for these kinds of notices…  So now Facebook and I are not friends anymore. There’s a good chance we may fall in love again, but I’m not crossing my fingers. Plus, Twitter has been flirting with me for a while now, and I have to say, it’s looking pretty good right about now.
  4. Blogging. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Blogging is the greatest thing since sliced bread and instant Tang. Before the internet came along, I would have had to keep a diary, which I’m pretty sure only 0.001 to 0.002% of males actually do. Some keep journals, which is a little more manly, but we’re still only talking perhaps 0.005% of the male population. But blogging? Oh, now this is strong enough for a man, and pH balanced for a woman! Anyone can do it! Plus, other people can read it, which you could never do with a diary or a journal…it’s against the rules. That’s why they make some of them with locks on them. No, blogging has opened up my world to more than just my recliner, my Bible, a pencil and a 79¢ spiral notebook. I get to write about anything I want and sometimes people come a read it. Does that make me popular? I’d like to think so. Some days more than others…
  5. Instant access to nearly unlimited amounts of information. Okay, I said that my answer was different, but the truth is, you can find out almost anything on the Internet in very short amounts of time. I mean, just today I looked up the value of an old baseball card I had from 1990 (Deion Sanders New York Yankee rookie card – worth $1.95; Finding that information in 1.95 seconds on Google – priceless), I found out that Whataburger is offering free burgers to anyone who comes in between 5-8pm today wearing an orange shirt (I’ll be there!), and I found out that women’s tennis star Serena Williams is ticked off about having to pay for a $100 ticket into a tournament she wanted to watch (apparently making almost $4.3 million so far this year just isn’t enough…she needs free stuff, too).  I wouldn’t have known any of this if it weren’t for the Internet. And on top of that, in order to find much of the same information without the Internet, I would have had to resort to reading a book, magazine, or newspaper! Can you imagine the sheer number of paper cuts I have avoided just by getting my information from the Web?  And not just me, but the whole world. Think of the economic consequences of not needing so many Band Aids! Thanks Al Gore!

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  1. Mountain View Ark.

    Very neat, and very true.

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