Truth: My New Study

If you are new to my blog, then you probably aren’t familiar with what I do here. My goal with this blog is to write about what I learn from my Bible studies every day, and I have been writing for a couple of months now about different topics. When I started, I was going through a Bible study on Genesis, so my first posts were over what I was learning there. I then moved on to a study called Heaven, written by Randy Alcorn, which attempted to give the student an accurate, Biblical viewpoint of what Heaven will be like. I enjoyed Randy Alcorn’s writing/teaching method a lot, so I jumped into another study of his called The Grace and Truth Paradox. This study looked at the two seemingly contradictory concepts of grace and truth, and showed how we, as followers of Jesus, can and should express both of these qualities equally, just as Jesus did. In that study, one of the things that was evident was that most people tend to lean to one side or the other (grace or truth), perhaps both at different times, but rarely ever do they express both together at the same time. The reason is because our finite minds have trouble blending these concepts – we understand and can show mercy and forgiveness, and we comprehend the truth of God’s Word and can use it to make decisions about right and wrong, but we have trouble showing grace without compromising truth, or expressing truth to those around us in loving grace. Thankfully, we have a great example to follow in the actions of Jesus, who was full of both grace and truth (John 1:14).

To continue with this idea of expressing truth in love, I have decided to begin a new study that looks at truth and how we can know that absolute truth exists. This study is The Ever Loving Truth, written by Voddie Baucham. In the introduction to the study, Baucham writes that in the 7 weeks that this study will take up, we will discuss things like:

  • Does truth exist? If so, how can we know it?
  • We have our faith, and other people have theirs; should we try to convince people that our faith is right and theirs is wrong?
  • While we believe in the Bible, other people have their holy book. Who can say that ours is correct and someone else’s is incorrect?
  • Who is Jesus? What are the implications of our beliefs about Him?

From just a quick browse through the pages of the book, I’d say that these are just a sample of the interesting things we will be looking at over the next several weeks. Overall, I believe we will get a strong feel for what truth is, and how we can share the truth with those around us, without foregoing the necessary expression of grace that the world needs. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope if you follow along, you will enjoy it too.


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  1. “My goal with this blog is to write about what I learn from my Bible studies every day, and I have been writing for a couple of months now about different topics. ” Now those are words to live by.

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