Help! I Need Somebody…

So my brother and I started playing Rock Band: The Beatles yesterday, and we’re thoroughly enjoying it. And by “thoroughly enjoying it,” of course I mean “wow, the Beatles are the most trippin’ band I have ever heard.” Seriously, how are any of them still alive after all the drugs they must have taken to write those songs?  Especially songs like Yellow Submarine, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, and I Am The Walrus. I guess that might be a loaded question, since one of the ones that actually wrote these songs isn’t alive (sorry any Lennon fans out there…I meant no disrespect…).

Anyway, in the tradition of using song lyrics to solicit responses from people, I am going to use the Beatles song Help!, or more specifically the first 4 words from the chorus of that song, to ask for your help. Next Monday I will be in position to start a new Bible study…my current study, The Grace and Truth Paradox, will be finished by then, and I am looking forward to what my next study might be. If you will, please respond with a comment of any Bible studies you have done that you think I might enjoy.

And for the record, I am not too manly to do studies directed toward women. Beth Moore and I have been tight in the past. I like doing her studies for many of the same reason women do (see here…), and I’m not ashamed to admit it. That doesn’t make me less of man…crying at movies might make me less of a man…but not doing Beth Moore studies…


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