Photoshop Fail Fridays – #4

So my wife and I went and saw the third Twilight film last night, and it was pretty good. But while most of the theater (who were almost all women) oohed and aahed over Jacob’s six-pack or Edward’s undying love for Bella, I couldn’t get something out of my head. With as much as everyone obsesses over these actors, no one seems to have noticed that the guy who plays Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, also played in the Harry Potter movies. His character in that movie is Cedric Diggory, a boy a little older than Harry who dies at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I kept thinking during Eclipse that if Cedric Diggory’s character in Harry Potter were as powerful as Edward Cullen, Lord Voldemort would never have been able to kill him. I mean, Robert Pattinson played both characters, so you can see why I would think that, right?

So anyway, in homage to Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen, here is a terribly photoshopped image of Edward Cullen talking to Harry Potter. I imagine them saying something like:

Harry: When we end up in that graveyard, I want you to run over to Lord Voldemort in your super fast way of running, and tear his head off.
Edward: But I can’t leave Bella. She’s my everything…
Harry: Forget her for right now! We’ve got more important matters to attend to!
Edward: But I can’t! She’s my life, my breath, my everything!
Harry: Yeah, you already said she’s your everything… Now you’re just rambling… And you’re not alive, and you don’t breathe… You really need new material…
Edward: Well, sorry! It’s not like I can conjure up something like a wizard…
Harry: You got that right, vampire-boy. And don’t forget it…


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