Heaven: My New Study…

I am going to break my post about my Bible study today into 2 separate posts. This first one will be to discuss what my new study is going to be about, and then I will post a second post about today’s study content.

My new study, as you can see from the title of this post, is called Heaven. It’s a study based on the book by Randy Alcorn, and the study material is written by Dale McCleskey. The introduction of the study talks about the fact that we, as Christians, have lost focus on one of the things that is supposed to be one of our great rewards for our faith – eternal life in heaven. I don’t know if this describes you, but it describes me perfectly!  I have had many different feelings about heaven, including indifference and even dread, but I don’t think I have ever truly just gotten overjoyed about the fact that I was going to get to live eternally in God’s dwelling place. The reason behind this, I think, is that I saw it as a place where I wouldn’t know anyone and no one would know me. And I saw it as a distant, unfamiliar place – I pictured it as very bright with huge “pearly” gates. And there’s an angel or someone else standing at the gate regulating who gets in and who doesn’t.  And I’ve been told that we will worship God 24/7.  I tend to think of a lot of the things I have been told about heaven as monotonous and uneventful. But is this a Biblical view of heaven?  I don’t know.  I haven’t ever really studied what heaven is supposed to be like.  And just like with most things, we tend to fear that which we don’t understand.

So my hope with this study is to get a new and complete understanding of the heaven described in the Bible. I hope that as a result of this, I have some kind of change in my thinking that changes the way I live my life. I trust God enough to know that He surely wouldn’t entice me to faith in Christ just to take me to heaven and torture me for eternity with monotony, loneliness, and fear. Surely there is more to heaven than what I currently know.  I pray that God shows me that over the next few weeks. And I pray He will make it clear, so that I can write about what I am learning here.

Below I have included a short survey to get an idea of how others might feel about heaven. I have 2 reasons for adding this – for one, I saw that you could add polls to your blog posts, and I got excited and have been wanting to do it for a while now, but more importantly, I want to see if I’m the only one who feels the way about heaven as I do. I know I can’t be, but it will be interesting to see how others might feel. Please be honest – it is completely anonymous anyway.

Click HERE to see the first post in this series.



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4 responses to “Heaven: My New Study…

  1. Kim

    very interesting. has made me re-evaluate myself and see where I stand on my view of Heaven. Look forward to seeing how your study unfolds.

    • Jeremy

      I’m really looking forward to this study. Most of my studies have been related to particular sections of the Bible (like my previous studies on Genesis), but when I came across this one, I was very drawn to it. I knew that I had this issue of dreading what I knew of heaven, and it’s affecting my Christian walk more than I realized. I always want to be changed in some way by my quiet/devotional times with God, but this one is going to be a big one for me…

  2. I realize this is an old post, but I wanted to comment that this looks like an excellent topic to study and one which seems to be neglected a lot of times. May God bless you in your continued studies.

  3. Sheila

    I’m looking forward to this study. I truly believe believe in heaven but can’t quite wrap my brain around what it will be like and what we will be doing for eternity. That’s mind boggling!

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