Farewell to Lost…

Okay, all these other blogs that I like to read are writing about the series finale to Lost coming up this Sunday, so I feel I have to throw in my own little contribution to this farewell party. Bryan Allain gives commentary every week on the previous week’s episode, so his post this week was expected. Jon Acuff posted today on Stuff Christians Like about Thinking about the Lost finale more than the second coming of Christ, which was as fun to read as it always is. Now if only Don Miller would post something on his blog about Lost, I would feel whole again.  But since he hasn’t, I feel like I have to fill the gap.  So I have written this poem as a way to say good-bye.  (I wanted to write a song, but without music, it’s really just a poem…).

Farewell to Lost

Lost, O Lost, you’re leaving me
You’re going off the air
2-1/2 more hours left
Before my life feels bare

I don’t watch other TV shows
You’re the only one for me
I’ve been faithful all this time
And now my Tuesday nights are free

But I don’t want this freedom
I don’t want to see you go
I can’t stand that you are leaving
I’ll miss you more than you will know

I’ll miss your suspenseful storyline,
Your dark yet hopeful mood
But I won’t be missing Ben Linus
Man, I really hate that dude.

So if, by chance, you don’t go off
But come back next year instead
Please bring Charlie back to life
and find a way to make Ben dead.

I’m not asking for you to kill him
That wouldn’t be nice at all!
But perhaps when you write the story
He could accidentally trip and fall

So anyway, I love you
And I really want to know
If you feel the same way as me?
Please check “Yes” or “No”



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2 responses to “Farewell to Lost…

  1. A very fun poem…now you will only have reruns for the next century or two. ;-) Enjoyed your post.

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