5, no wait, 3 Memories of Very Awkward Moments…

Editor’s Note: For the sake of not hurting people’s feelings, I have removed 2 of the awkward moments previously listed here. Apparently, talking about how people made you feel awkward can hurt their feelings. Have you ever had hurt feelings?  Have you ever been accused of being Miss New Zealand?  No?  Just me?  Okay…

So I just started this blogging thing, and I keep thinking of things that have happened in my life that would be great to write about. I could write about some of great places I’ve been, or some of the neat things I’ve done, but that would be boring. Instead, I have decided to list some of the most awkward moments of my life.  They didn’t all happen to me, but I was there and got to roll around in their sweet, awkwardy goodness.  Here they are:

  1. Watching a NR-movie with my in-laws. A while back, my father-in-law rented some movies for us all to sit and watch together that evening. He picked one movie that was Not Rated, which I can only assume he thought to mean that it was completely safe for a 7 year old to watch. Anyway, we were sitting there watching this below-average movie when all of a sudden there were naked people on the screen. Then they started doing things that belonged in R rated movies (or perhaps NC-17…I’m not sure where that line is drawn). I turned my head away so that I would at least appear holy, only to meet eyes with my mother-in-law.  I’m not sure there can be anything more awkward than seeing that on the TV screen, then meeting your mother-in-law’s eyes. But it does help you keep your mind pure…
  2. That drama thing we did at youth camp.  I have only been to one youth camp, though I went to that camp for 3 years in a row. The very first time we went, it was the first time our youth group had ever gone to a youth camp, so we didn’t quite know what to expect. We were told that each youth group needed to come up with a short production for the camp drama contest, so we spent a good 2 or 3 minutes planning ours and we practiced a couple of times before we went.  When we got there, all the other groups were doing these extensive light shows with music and dancing and choreography – we did a 3 minute play where a football team won a big game and gave the credit to God afterward. No music. No lights.  Not even a real football. No costumes. No lines memorized. Just 3 minutes of improvised shame which we shall forever remember as “the day the earth stood still.” Or at least that’s what it felt like when everyone else in the room sat perfectly quiet after we finished.  Even the judges’ mouths were open.  It’s like we just said a vulgar ‘yo mamma’ joke at the expense of everyone in the room’s mother.  Awkward…
  3. This afternoon in my truck. I am a firm believer that we have to use our God-given talents, or else what little we have will be taken away and given to people who already have more talent than us (don’t believe me, see Matthew 25:14-30). That means that if someone is not a good singer, they should at least be a good dancer.  I am definitely not a good singer, but unfortunately, today I have come to the conclusion that I am also not a good dancer. I was heading back to work from my lunch break, listening to ZOEgirl’s Suddenly (see 1st video below). It has a very Spice Girl kind of beat going, and I started to really get into it.  Well, as I pulled up to a red light, I was a little too into it, and I started dancing (similar to how the guys in the 2nd video below are dancing…), and a dude in the truck next to me is just staring like he’s never seen a 29 year old white guy dance to techno-pop Christian music before. C’mon…everybody dances at red lights, right?  No?  Okay…this is awkward…

ZOEgirl – Suddenly

Night at the Roxbury Dudes Dancing In Their Car



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3 responses to “5, no wait, 3 Memories of Very Awkward Moments…

  1. How’s this for an awkward moment?

    Picture me standing in front of a crowd of 500 realtors after being introduced as the company’s new marketing director. I decided to break the ice by being funny.

    I said I wanted to let them know that there was no truth to the rumors that the company’s new advertising campaign would feature sock puppets.

    * crickets *

    Awkward. Really, really awkward.

    All the best with your blog. Looks great!


    • Jeremy

      Thanks Dave!

      That is hilarious! I’ve never stood in front of 500 people before – I’m pretty sure I would need extra absorbent towels under my arm pits if I did…

      I found your blog this morning (via Stuff Christians Like), and I read through several of your posts! Great stuff! I already have it on my “Blogs I Like” list… Hope it’s okay that I linked to you without asking… :)

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