Trying To Fit In With This Blogging Culture…

Do you know how many blogs are out there right now?  About 5623598 x 10³.  Yep!  That many!  I know…I counted them.  I didn’t just randomly hit a bunch of numbers on my number pad and then add a ‘x 10³’ to the end.  And I didn’t just add the exponential notation to make it look scientific, either.  I wouldn’t do something like that…

Do you know how many of these blogs are written by ‘Christian’ authors and are directed toward a ‘Christian’ audience?  About 1/17 of them.  Yep…I counted those, too. So my handy, dandy little calculator here says that this means there are 330799882.35294117 ‘Christian’ blogs out there. Don’t trust me?  Do the math yourself!

So where is a guy like me supposed to fit in to a world this big?  I mean, from what I’ve seen, there’s a whole culture to this blogging thing, and even a significant sub-culture to this ‘Christian’ blogging thing. I’ve tried a few tactics to try and fit in. I started visiting other blogs instead of reading my own over and over again.  That really seemed to help…  Did you know that there are some really funny people out there?  And smart ones too!  After reading other people’s blogs and getting a taste of this culture, I started craving to be a part of it, kind of like the way I crave Dr. Pepper or the way a pregnant woman might crave cottage cheese mixed with dill pickle relish and black olives.  So how, I asked myself, can I fit in to this funky fresh blogging culture?  What can I do to be in the blogging in crowd? Should I write other bloggers letters asking them to be my friend? Should I hang out by the big Coke machine in the World Wide Web and wait for them to come by, then follow them to the lunchroom and hope I get to sit by them? Should I doodle in my notebook and write “[Insert Blogger’s Name Here] + Jeremy = Best Friends Forever”?  What should I do?

Well, to begin with I started commenting on other people’s blogs (okay, I’ve only commented on 2 other people’s blogs so far, but I had to start somewhere).  This was a huge step for me, since I don’t like to give my opinion on any matter except whether the Texas Longhorns football team is going to win the next national championship (which of course is always a definitive “Yes!  And last year didn’t count…”). On Jonathan Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like blog, he has an IntenseDebate commenter reputation meter thing going where people are given points based on the ‘strength’ of their comments. Apparently, your comment is rated by other people, and you get points based on how many people give you a thumbs up…  So it’s like a big blogger popularity contest.  I have commented twice now on his blog, and I have a “1p” rating – someone gave me the thumbs up, and I couldn’t be happier.  One of these days I’ll be up there with the big dogs…mark my words…

I think my next steps will be to continue commenting on other people’s blogs, continue writing stuff on mine that I think is both interesting and substantive, and attempt to dress the same as every ‘cool’ blogger I come across.  I’ll probably focus on the last one the most…


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