The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread and Instant Tang…

So I had this professor in college that loved to use the phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread and instant Tang…”  He would use it any time he was explaining something that he or someone else thought was wonderful, but yet needed to add a little sarcasm to make it funny.  I’ve come to see the usefulness of such a statement, and I use this one quite regularly now, though I am finding that many people don’t have a clue what Tang is (see here if this includes you).

Anyway, I bring this up because as I was writing a post earlier today the thought crossed my mind how much I have come to enjoy blogging – it has sort of become the “greatest thing since sliced bread and instant Tang” to me…

On a spiritual level, I get to summarize my thoughts from my daily Bible study. This has become a wonderful addition to my daily quiet time – I think God has used it to draw me so much closer to Him in the last couple of weeks, and I learn so much more than simply reading and perhaps answering a few questions. I actually have to evaluate things from a spiritual perspective.

On other levels, I really do have some pretty crazy thoughts sometimes, and putting these down (even if only electronically) is a lot of fun!  Like my thoughts on cuss words (see here) – just something I thought about and verbalized (a little satirically, I know).  And when I was getting depressed over the fact that I didn’t have any friends at work, I wrote about it – a little self-therapy going on here too!

So, if no one ever reads my blog, this is perfectly fine with me.  It has definitely served a purpose for me!  Of course, I do still look at those blog stats on my dashboard whenever I log in – it’s fun to think that someone might be reading what I write. Of course, if they read some of this stuff, they’re likely to never come back…  Pity…


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