I’m a Saint…

I spent a couple of days looking up stuff for a post on here talking about God’s holiness (see it here). I did a word study on the word holy, and I came across 2 words from the Bible that are translated holy: the Hebrew word qodesh and the Greek word hagios. As I was writing the post, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that I had heard these words in a song somewhere…then I remembered. It was a Lecrae song (my favorite Christian artist!)!  The song is called I’m a Saint, and it begins with Lecrae saying this:

Qodesh, Old Testament; Hagios, New Testament; Inherently, the word means to be holy; We know we’re not holy on our own terms, but Christ’s blood makes us holy. So because He’s satisfied the wrath of God, the beef has been crushed; Now we got a new identity, called a saint

This is a perfect follow-up to what I wrote in my post, because there I talk about the consequences of not seeing God for who He truly is and taking his holiness seriously. This song outlines how, although we are unholy and unworthy of being reconciled to God, because of Christ’s work on the cross, we are made holy, and can be called “holy ones,” or saints.

See the song below:


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