What a blog is NOT…

I decided a couple of years ago to go back to school for another degree, and I just finished with that degree a few months ago. So, needless to say, I still have school on my mind, and the whole academic research way of thinking is still very fresh for me as well. Because of this, I think that as I write on my blog here, I often try to find other people’s ideas and repeat them (giving them credit, of course). But regardless of how hard I try to do this, I know that I am still spitting out a lot of my own opinions and in many cases I’m quite sure that what I am saying is in no way theologically sound.

I would think that most people wouldn’t come to a blog site to get their hard facts about some topic, but I was surprised recently at some things I have seen. This morning, I was looking for a reference in the New Testament where Paul says that believers should not be yoked with nonbelievers, and I searched it on Google. I came across several blog sites where people had written their opinion on intermarriage between believers and nonbelievers, and I was shocked at the controversy that was quite evident in the comments people were writing on their site. Now, I’m not here to discuss whether they were right or wrong – I am more interested in the fact that people were taking something someone had blogged about and gotten upset about it. As if it were cold, hard fact, and they just couldn’t stand it!

I’m here to say that blogging is a medium where someone can write anything they want. I could just as easily write a blog about how there is no god (though I’d be a fool (see Psalm 14:1), and all creation points out that this isn’t the case (see Romans 1:20)). Why would anyone take what someone writes in a blog and let it get to them so much that they become upset about it? If they were making fun of you, I’d understand – maybe if they said a “yo momma” joke that just happened to be true (perhaps your mother really was mistaken for a school bus one time…). But when someone gives their opinion on a matter (especially one on Christian spirituality, where we have the Bible to back up or shoot down any statement someone makes), I don’t see the point in getting all huffy about it.  Just click “back” and go somewhere else.

That said, I will be the first to admit that anything I say on my blog needs to be backed up by scripture. I usually try to include links to verses in online Bibles (as I have in this post) that illustrate my point. But even with that, I reserve the right to be stupid and say something that is completely wrong. And when I do, I hope you’ll call me on it and post a comment telling me so. But don’t blast me and have an aneurysm…if it makes you that upset, go somewhere else and forget this site even exists. :)


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