Is an idol assuming the Lord’s title? (Rhyme intended…)

I just finished posting a few minutes ago talking about my bible study for today – Jacob leaving Laban with Leah, Rachel, and family to head back to his home country. In that story, Rachel sneaks in and steals Laban’s household gods. I was a little surprised at this point to find out that Laban had household idols. I guess I figured that since Laban was Abraham’s great-nephew (go here to see a family tree), that he would somehow be a a one-god man like Abraham. But I guess not…

Idolatry is not something I have given a lot of thought to in my life until recently. As a child, I always thought that idolatry involved making things out of gold and bowing down to them. It wasn’t until I was an adult – probably through a sermon I heard somewhere – that I realized that idolatry takes many forms. For me, sometimes I think that just plain happiness is an idol in my life. I know I often want to be happy more than anything, but as my old pastor used to say, God isn’t nearly concerned with our happiness as He is with our holiness.

I mentioned in an earlier post about a CD that I am listening to a lot lately by an artist called Tedashii. The album is called Identity Crisis, and one of the songs on there is called 26’s – it’s a song about how people put too much stock in their nice cars, making them into what is basically an idol for themselves. The 26’s part (in case you don’t know) has to do with the fact that people ooh and aah over the size of the rims on the wheels of their cars. Tedashii has a great line in the chorus that says “…self-proclaimed kings braggin’ cause they’re on chrome, but 26 inches is a pretty low throne.”  I think this is the perfect message – we put ourselves on a pedestal, and brag about the things we have, when in reality all we’re really doing is showing how much lower than God we are! Check out the song:


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